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Holla Back Mario

you say I'm just a friend!

8/4/06 05:32 am - crystal185 - new layout

The site has a new layout!


10/19/05 12:00 am - crystal185 - New Contest!

B>Like Me Real Hard Contest</b>

From asking around one of the songs I noticed almost everybody loves is "Like Me Real Hard". It has the universal appeal like "Let Me Love You", almost everyone can relate to it. This is why we feel that if Mario was to release this single it would be as big a hit, if not bigger, than LMLY.
So, our goal as his number one fans is to get this to be his next single. But we have to start working on it not, before it's too late.


Send an e-mail to J Records and Sanctuary (his management) saying that you want Mario's next single to be "Like Me Real Hard". When sending the e-mail be sure to send a copy to us.

J Records E-mail: info@jrecords.com

Sanctuary (Management): info@sanctuarygroup.com

HBM's E-mail: hbmcontests@gmail.com


The first place winner will receive a $15 gift certificate for Itunes. The second place winner will receive a $10 gift certificate for Itunes. All you need is a valid e-mail address to receive your gift if you win.
I won't need your address, or anything. Just your e-mail address and first name only.

Sample E-mails

Dear J Records,

I love Mario's new CD! But one single that sticks out is "Like Me Real Hard". I think if Mario was to release this single it would become another universal
hit like "Let Me Love You". Thanks for your consideration.

-Your Name

Dear J Records,

Can you release "Like Me Real Hard" as Mario's next single?

-Your Name

Dear J,

I think the next single/video Mario should release is "Like Me Real Hard". I love that song!

-Your Name</b>

The e-mail can pretty much say anything. Just as long as it asks for his next single to be "Like Me Real Hard". The more creative you are, the better. Just
be sure to send the e-mail to J records as well as us to be placed into the contest. If you have various e-mail addresses, you can e-mail them from your
different e-mail's. This will increase your chances of winning.

10/15/05 12:13 am - crystal185 - New HBM Layout!

Check it out!


10/7/05 01:57 am - crystal185 - TRL Clips

If you missed TRL yesterday... I have parts of it. I missed the very first part when I was taping it, sorry. I also taped him on 106 and Park. I don't know when I'll get that up though.

Anyways, I have Windows Media Center and I recorded TRL straight to my computer. Anyone who knows about WMC knows they save everything in this weird format that practically no program supports it. Well, after searching the net I found a program to convert the file to MPEG BUT since it's a trial version it has the program name stamped RIGHT SMACK IN THE MIDDLE of the video's. Anyways, in short... it took me THREE hours to convert and like another hour to edit everything, so I hope you guys enjoiy it.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

8/27/05 10:57 pm - crystal185 - Happy 19th Birthday, Mario!

VOTE FOR US AT THE FANSOURCE AWARDS! We're nominated for two awards main awards: Best Picture Gallery and Best R&B Male Artist Site. We are also nominated for 3 fan choice awards, that I want you guys to vote for HBM on: Fan Choice Award for Best Webmaster, Fan Choice Award for Best Messageboard, and Fan Choice Award for Best Contests.

Happy Birthday from HollaBackMario.net and Your Fans! Click this banner to leave Mario a birthday wish!


I overwrote the index file with my personal site's index file by accident earlier. If you couldn't get to the site, that's why. I am so, so, sorry y'all.

New Pictures: MTV TRL - Aug 18, After Party For Mario, MTV TRL - July 29, 2005

Site Updates: Added some new affiliates. I still have a few more to get to...

Mario will be performing at the End of Summer Jam. Here's the info:

US $20.00 - US $30.00

Internet Onsale Info
Onsale to General Public:
Tue, 08/23/05 10:00 AM CDT

SUN SEP 18 2005 2:00PM
Baton Rouge, LA

The MTV VMA's are tomorrow. Be sure to check that out.

And guys, I apologize if I'm a little delayed with updates. Not only am I taking my FALL classes now, but I actually went a got me a job LOL... and when I'm not in school, I'm at work.

6/24/05 05:03 pm - crystal185 - New Layout!

New layout!


6/22/05 10:01 pm - crystal185 - HERE I GO AGAIN!

I have TONS of stuff I did with the Here I Go Again video. Keep checking the site back because I WILL be adding more stuff throughout the night.


Here I Go Again!
100 MB || download

SCREEN CAPS (click for more)

ANIMATIONS (click here for more)

6/22/05 09:59 pm - crystal185 - New Downloads, Pictures!

Cassidy featuring Mario
Kick It With You
4.79 MB || download

New Pictures: DUB Issue #26 Scans, Red Dragon FM Party in the Park, TRL Italy, March 31 2005, BETs Mario Takes You To The Prom, How Could U Screen Caps

Magazines: Twist July, Dub #26, Right On! August

Right On! Magazine wants to know who we want them to interview for their next issue. Go here to vote for Mario (the poll is at the bottom of the page, on the right side)!

Mario will be on MTV Hits this Thursday. Check local listings.

Annnd I finally got my tickets to the DC3 tour (wish I would have gotten it sooner though). I'm going to the show in Ft. Lauderdale at the OFC. Anybody else going to that one? Let me know!

*Thanks Ericstr for some of the info.
*The Here I Go Again video AND caps are coming soon. I'm working on that NOW!

5/24/05 02:15 am - crystal185 - new mario song

It's about that time to update y'all on our boy Mario!

If you don't already know, he is up for TWO BET awards this year. GOOO MARIO! He's up for Viewers Choice award and best R and B male. Please help Mario win the viewers choice award by going to the followling link: http://www.bet.com/betawards.htm

Please vote as much as possible. Mario really needs this!

He also has a new song called "Body Language". Taryn recently uploaded it. To get the download link you'll have to check out HBM (http://www.hollabackmario.net). The link is on the news page.

He also made a video for "Here I Go Again." Currently, the video isn't being released in the US. It is, however, been playing in the UK. To see a short clip of it visit this link:

If you didn't already know, Mario is touring with Destiny's Child. Here are the remaining tour dates:

May 23rd & 24th, Ahoy, Rotterdam
May 26th, Fila Forum, Milan
May 27th, Geneva Arena, Geneva
May 28th, Bercy, Paris
May 30th, Festhalle - Messe, Frankfurt
May 31st, Cologne Arena, Cologne
June 2nd & 3rd, Earls Court, London
June 5th, National Indoor Arena, Birmingham, UK
June 6th, Manchester Evening News Arena, Manchester UK
June 7th, Sheffield Arena, Sheffield UK
June 9th, Lansdowne Road Stadium, Dublin, Ireland
June 11th, Palau Sant Jordi, Barcelona
July 2nd, Essence Music Festival, New Orleans

And that's allll the news for now. Be on the lookout for a new anniversary layout at HBM soon! This summer makes it the THIRD year we've been around.

3/24/05 05:52 pm - asapfem

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